Los Angeles Angels Strengthen Their Roster with Key Acquisitions from Chicago White Sox

The Los Angeles Angels signed Lucas Giolito and reliever Reynaldo López on Wednesday night for a big chance to get back to the Chicago White Sox as they made changes to their roster, having previously decided to trade away star Shohei Ohtani. Giolito's walk was arguably the best pitch on the market, and López, with his regular fastball hitting 100 miles per hour, had the first big hit in Major League Baseball since Monday. The Cubs had considered trading for Giolito and López, but the Angels, looking to strengthen themselves for a playoff run, moved to Double-E with catcher Edgar Cuervo and left-hander Seu Bush.

The Angels have started 52–49 by dropping six of seven games, but are four games out of the last American League wild-card spot, two more times ahead of New York and Boston.

In Giolito and López, the Angels would add a rotation and bullpen that would not increase the 20th-ranked run average in baseball. Giolito (6-6), 29, who will be a free agent this season, has a 3.79 ERA and struck out 131 in 121 innings. López, who replaced Adam Eaton for the White Sox in 2016 at No. 29, showed signs of scoring this season, posting a 4.29 ERA with 52 strikeouts over 42 innings. Originally a first-round pick by Washington in 2012, Giolito was long regarded as the front-line starter for the visiting Indians. From 2019 to 2021, there was no Cy Young vote mile and neither completed seven seasons with an ERA of 3. While his ERA declined the previous season, he has consistently had the top strikeout-to-walk ratio. He prides himself on hitting a half-mile-an-hour fastball and is the White Sox' best starter, although his .20 average is 11th among 63 consecutive starters. Both the White Sox and Angels are looking to make a deal more than it seems. It came together in conversations with Angels GM Perry Minasian over the past 48 hours, said Chicago general manager Rick Hahn.

"He was talking about the needs he was trying to address," Hahn said. "We were able to move fairly quickly in the direction of determination today." Sources said that Cuervo, 20, and Bush, 23, have been able to involve the Angels at other times the White Sox have been involved, such as the Los Angeles Dodgers and Texas Rangers. The season begins with an injury before the season kicks off. Hitting .246/.386/.332 with 70 innings, a teen home run, 35 RBI, 55 walks and 53 strikeouts. Bush, a second-round pick in 2021, was the last pitcher in the Angels' system, posting a 3.67 ERA in 21 starts. In six Double-A appearances this season, he has a 5.88 ERA and 33 strikeouts over 26 innings.

Today, Lance Lynn, today's reliever Keenan Middleton and a group of emerging players, including White Sox shortstop Colson Montgomery, top-10 prospect and Noah Schultz, are among the top league pitchers looking to improve form in the system. Cuervo, who signed with the Angels in 2021, joined the Chicago organization for being born Cuban, has a long line of births, and has hit 100 percent in the top 100 across the board — plus, it's always possible to hire players like Giolito and López. The White Sox may be able to bolster their system and deal Dylan Seas or shortstop Tim Anderson in recent months, though they are expected to wait until next season in the wide-open AL Central. Yes, the Angels have room for a playoff run. While Ohtani is seeking his second AL MVP award in his sophomore season, Los Angeles has struggled to assemble four of them or a playoff-eligible roster. Malik wanted to keep Arte Moreno's Ohtani, who had decided to sign with the Angels a year earlier to come to MLB from Japan, but he reneged on the deal. Angels expected to star Mike Trout, Ohppe in addition to Giolito and Lopez


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