Social Media Sensation Kai Cenat Arrested After Controversial PlayStation 5 Giveaway Announcement Sparks Riots

Kai Cenat got into trouble after announcing that they would be giving away a PlayStation 5 to their influential and gaming community, and was arrested on charges of inciting riots and encouraging unlawful assembly." As a result, a large throng gathered at New York City's Union Square Park on Friday.

Here are five fascinating facts about Kai Cenat:

1.Kai Cenat has a large social media following. They have over 5.5 million followers on Instagram, over 4 million on YouTube, and an astounding 6.5 million on Twitch.

2. They joined YouTube in December 2012 and posted various videos, including pranks and everyday footage.

3. Kai Cenat, as a powerful personality, actively communicates with their fans via Twitch live streams. They just announced a giveaway event with prizes such as a PlayStation 5, a keyboard, microphone, gaming chairs, headphones, and a PC during one of their live streams.

4. Rolling Stone named Kai Cenat one of the 20 most significant inventors in 2023. They also received the prestigious Streamer of the Year award in 2022 and 2023.

5. Kai Cenat created a Live "subathon" on the first of February of this year, where they played games, spoke with fans, interviewed guests, and even streamed themselves while sleeping for 24 hours. According to the BBC, they smashed the record for the most Twitch subscribers in March."







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